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Nanny Services

Nanny and Household Management Placements.

We offer permanent and temporary placement. Our permanent division requires that nannies make a minimum of a year’s commitment. Many of our candidates are career nannies and stay on for an average of two to six years. Our temporary division offers options for clients in need of daily, weekly, or monthly placement. ANC also offers full time and part time. Full time is 30 hours and up and part-time is anything under 30 hours. We also provide families with an option of live-out or live-in.

Overnight infant services

8-10 hour shifts with nannies specializing in infant care.

Parent Partner Service

This service provides the extra support and certitude to those parents who are conducting their own search or have already chosen a Nanny.

  • Parent Partner package of forms, tips and guidance on how to be successful in your search and in maintaining a relationship
  • Help parents in development of job description and preferred qualifications of candidates
  • Criminal and DMV Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Full Interview of candidate
  • Full Interview with Detailed Employment and Education History and References
  • Childcare References and Verification

Consulting/Coaching Families

Consultation and coaching by agency experts on:

  • Hiring
  • Tips on Maintaining a Successful Relationship
  • Creating viable job descriptions
  • How to construct Nanny employer agreements that help, not hinder
  • Negotiating salary and benefits
  • Trouble shooting and conflict management
  • Performance reviews
  • Communication help
  • Assertiveness coaching for nannies.
This option is offered on an hourly or package deal basis.

Companion Care Services

Supportive Companion Care for Elderly and Clients with Permanent or Temporary Disabilities.

Full-time, Part-time, Live-out, Live-In, Temporary, and Permanent Options

  • Personal Care/assistance with bathing and grooming
  • Caring Companionship
  • Meal Planning, shopping and cooking
  • Transportation
  • Personal Training
  • Errand Running
  • Light housekeeping/ laundry and management of home
  • Medication Reminders
  • Respite and post surgical care
  • Nutritional and dietary support
  • Care in homes, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.
Permanent: 6 months or longer
Temporary: Daily, weekly, monthly, overnight
Full-time: Over 30 hours
Part-time: Under 30 hours

Corporate Services

We offer services for those companies and hospitals who want to support work and family balance for their employees. We offer placement, ala carte and consulting options for families in need of childcare, eldercare or companionship for disabled adults. Corporate members receive reduced rates and are offered seminars by agency President, Marsha Epstein.

Currently we have agreements with Harvard University, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Boston, and several Hospitals.

Please call the agency or refer to the FAQ for more information.