Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our Caregivers and how are they Screened?

"Our thorough and selective screening process is the result of over twenty-five years of experience and over five thousand successful placements. All nannies and caregivers referred by the American Nanny Company are subject to our rigorous and comprehensive screening process- a process designed to give parents “peace of mind”. Our candidates have high school degrees, while a large number have college and more advanced degrees in relevant subjects. All of our candidates have had significant formal experience and are eligible to work in the USA. Our caregivers range in age from twenty- one and up, have extensive experience and demonstrate a genuine interest in and understanding of their charges.

ANC caregivers have one thing in common: they are all passionate about giving care in a home and family setting. Our screening includes ascertaining background qualifications, experience and motivation through a series of steps designed to filter out those candidates not suitable for our clients and to come up with high quality, seasoned and dedicated caregivers. All candidates for the position of nanny or caregiver are required to fill out a lengthy application including a current and thorough listing of all employment held and all employers and supervisors.

Timelines are crucial to our team of placement professionals. We are sensitive to lags and lack of references to call upon. Applicants are also required to submit releases giving ANC permission to do CORI checks in Massachussetts, criminal checks in other states, driving and social security checks. Upon special request, ANC will conduct credit checks with permission of applicant.

Upon a careful review of application and an initial phone prescreening we will set up an interview for those candidates with promise. Our comprehensive and extensive interviews are conducted by highly experienced staff members adept at opening people up, questioning and evaluating interview responses, and demeanor. Specifically we assess motivation, core competencies, childcare philosophies, and validity of professional and experiential background, depth of commitment for working with children, families, elders and special needs. We also look at maturity, stability, interpersonal strengths and growth edges. The interview is an effective tool for learning enough about the candidate to be able to place them successfully.

Matching is an important part of the process of ANC and understanding the experience, strengths and areas of improvement of our potential nannies is key in successfully placing them. Upon completion of an interview, the interviewer will decide whether or not to continue with the process. If the interviewer feels that the candidate is eligible for placement, the vetting will begin in earnest. References will be called and carefully questioned and employment will be verified. Additionally, CORI checks will be done.

Once the file is completed it will be assembled into a PDF and will include a face page, autobiography (for nannies), application, interview transcript, transcript of reference interviews and additional written references. Final checks, driving, social security and criminal checks in other states (where candidate has resided) will be conducted upon the client’s serious consideration of an applicant."

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How is Matching Caregiver to Employer Managed?

Matching is based upon sending applicants with qualifications, experience and skill sets that best complement the family’s dynamics and job description. Clients will be sent as many resumes as it takes to make the right placement. Assistance will be given with making a short list, deciding who to interview and helping refine offer and family-caregiver agreement. All clients will be interviewed via phone or in person so that we can understand expectations, job description and as much as we can about the needs of the child, senior, or medical challenge or disability. Our goal is to help our clients find the best match, no matter how long it takes or how many prospective caregivers we send. There is never pressure and always encouragement to select the match that feels best for the family."

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How do you recruit your nannies and caregivers?

Word of mouth and reputation account for most of our recruits. Having so many satisfied placed nannies is a most effective marketing tool and attracts so many high caliber applicants to our agency. We also place ads online, in selected news media and at colleges and universities."

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Why Use American Nanny Company?

We are a “boutique agency” focusing on relationships with clients since 1985. Our mission has always been to provide service, information and support in a caring, supportive and knowledgeable manner. As an agency we do high level vetting and screening, freeing up the client to explore other aspects of the candidate’s eligibility. Our nannies are of the highest caliber and understand what it is to be a professional adjunct to a busy family. Our search is a personalized one, tailored to the needs, preferences and job descriptions of our clients. We support a family throughout the duration of a placement, whether one year or eight. For those families wanting a la carte services we have a very inventive menu with options for everyone. Thinking out of the box, we want to come up with creative solutions for every unique need a client might present. We pride ourselves on listening and on educating about various facets of the process of finding, hiring, and maintaining a successful relationship with one’s caregiver."

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How much are nannies and caregivers paid?

Going rates are between 16 - 25 an hour for live- out nannies and other caregivers. Live- in rates are between 500 and 1200 plus, per week. Salary is generally determined by experience and employer job description. It is up to the employer and nanny to decide upon salary and benefits. Professionals at American Nanny Company are available for assistance on pin pointing the right market salary range for their position and the level of experience sought in a candidate. We pride ourselves on staying in touch with market rates and changes."

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What about benefits for permanent placements?

ANC recommends that permanent full-time and part-time caregivers be paid on agreed upon holidays, and given two weeks of paid vacation, the timing of which will be mutually agreed upon. Also suggested is the provision of a certain number of sick days per year. We recommend periodic salary and performance reviews and the consideration of holiday and year end bonuses."

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What about taxes and social security?

Legally, the caregiver’s salary is taxable and social security, unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation should be paid by the employer. Household employers are responsible for the provision of unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation for their employees. Our company can make recommendations for services that can help with taxes, payroll and worker’s compensation. "

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What about Health Insurance?

While we hope that all caregivers maintain good health we recommend that they have some form of health insurance while they are employed. To this end we recommend that employers consider including some or all of the expense of this insurance. The agency can provide a list of providers that offer individual policies for caregivers."

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What are the typical duties and schedules of a nanny?

Hopefully, duties are based upon a comprehensive job description and work agreement, agreed upon by both parties. This is an essential basis in hiring a professional nanny. Typically, the nanny is responsible for every thing that revolves around the children in her/his charge. The focus of the nanny should be the delivery of quality childcare. Feeding, bathing, naps, outings and playing are usually nanny territory. Also nannies are charged with full responsibility of the child’s safety, well being and growth and development while they are on duty. It is expected that every nanny has a good understanding of early childhood developmental stages, needs and challenges and can create appropriate activities. Other important areas are discipline and limit setting and socialization. Many nannies are expected to assist with light housework as it revolves around the care of the children. Included might be upkeep of the children’s bedrooms and play areas, children’s laundry, preparation and cooking of the children’s meals, straightening up of the kitchen and family room, car pooling, grocery shopping, assistance with family dinner preparation and clean up and other household management tasks as time permits. Also included might be any other tasks that are mutually agreed upon by the employer and nanny. It is our experience that the needs of the children are best served when the housekeeping responsibilities are clearly less important than the child care responsibilities. All nanny schedules will be mutually agreed upon by contract specifying conditions of employment prior to the actual commencement of work. The conventional work week of a nanny can vary from 20 – 60 hours. Employers should be aware of over-time, when the work week exceeds 40 hours. Typically nannies work 2-5 days a week and have two days off- usually weekends."

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What are the typical duties of a caregiver/companion for seniors and clients with disabilities?

Companions are concerned with the over all well being and care of their charges. They are there to establish a trusting relationship, companionship and support. Many will do meal planning, cooking and clean up. Other duties include transportation, household management, and errand running. Light housekeeping, medication reminders, assistance with bathing and grooming. Companions will be concerned with the safety and the meeting of needs of their clients. They will also be available to interface with family members."

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What are the agency fees?

We charge 3250.00 for full time nannies and 2900.00 for part time nannies with a $100 application fee. If client seeks less then our year commitment program our monthly fees are 500.00 per month. Temporary fees are 35.00 per day and will be reduced for multiple days. Harvard affiliates are charged 2900.00 for full time nannies and 2600.00 for part time nannies with a 50.00 application fee. If Harvard affiliate seeks less than our year commitment program are monthly fees are 400.00 per month. Temporary fees for Harvard affiliates are 25.00 per day."

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Is there an agency contract provided?

American Nanny Company provides a contract for every client, explaining our process and guarantee. All permanent placements are guaranteed for a year."

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What about support?

Support: ANC is committed to supporting clients and caregivers at any point in the duration of their relationship. We have developed a 24 hour rule in response to client and caregiver calls for advice, questions, concerns or assistance. We pride ourselves on our commitment to making sure that the relationship is strong and constructive. The support does not end with the placement and the payment of the fee. We anticipate an ongoing relationship and relish talking with clients and caregivers for however long they are together. We listen, respect and stay in constant touch."

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What happens when there is a problem with the placement?

You rise to the top of our list. We honor our guarantees and get to work on determining the nature of the problem; e.g. is it cosmetic or structural. It is never in the best interest of a client to put a band aid on an irreconcilable issue. We treasure our reputation and promise to be there in times of concerns."

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What happens when a nanny or caregiver breaks an agreement and leaves?

Please refer to our agency and family agreement. We keep our families whole for a year. We fall back on our iron proof guarantee that protects families for a year."

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